about us

We are two guitarists that have started Guitarnet.se and we have a passionate interest in music and especially guitars. We play a lot. For us it is very important to deliver good guitars. We want them to be good looking, comfortable and with an excelent sound. And at a low price. You should be able to buy and own a lot of guitars and have fun. 

It should be a pleasure to use our guitars. 


Anders Axelsson & Lars Andrén

about Anders

Started to play in school at an age of 9 years old. Bought my first electric guitar at 12 year old. It was an Hagstrom guitar that was really cheap. At the same time I bought a home made amplifier. After one year I bougth a Fuzz pedal and then I was Jimmi Hendrix!! 
It was just great. 

Then I started playing in a band - bought a new better guitar - it was a Vantage made in Japan. Really good guitar. Stopped playing for a while but started again at an age of 35 years old. Bought a Fender Stratocaster made in USA. Use it for about ten years. At that moment I didn´t like telecaster. But then I went to a concert with Bruce Springsteen and after that i bought a Fender Telecaster. Still play most time with telecasters. But I use a lot of different guitars at the moment and that is really fun. I have some great Green and FGN guitars that is just fantastic to play on. 


about lars.

Lars favorite guitarist is Billy Gibbons in ZZ- top. He have had a dream to own a Gretsch Billy - Bo Jupiter Thunderbird. Billy used to play in this guitar from year 2013. Lars has bought one and he love this guitar. Otherwise he plays an old Fender stratocaster from 1970. He has also an Gibson Les Paul Standard that he bought in USA years ago. Lars has designed a Green Billy Bo that is green and beautiful.