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Guitarnet.se has the goal that you should get something extra in relation to the price you pay. We have skipped some steps in the chain from manufacturer to consumer. That´s why our prices are lower than they otherwise would have been. And you do not have to pay a lot for the brandname. 

Anders Axelsson & Lars Andrén

about english version - please read this

We are working with this website and with the translation from Swedish to English. Please be patient. We are a very small company and put our time and effort on delivering nice guitars. You will drop in to our swedish site time to time. If any questions please mail us. 

our brands

FGN - Made in Japan by Fujigen

Fujigen started making guitars 1960. In 1980 they were the biggest guitar manufacturer in the whole world. They have been making guitars to all of the famous brands. Now they have started their own brand - FGN. All the guitars are made in Japan and the qualtiy is great. 


Green Guitars - Designed in Sweden
Green Guitars is a new Swedish brand. It is our own brand and we make small series of high quality guitars. We also have a Custom Shop - handmade guitars located in Seol South Korea. 

Gilmour Guitars - Made in South Korea
Gilmour Guitars is a very small Custom Shop with a lot of passion and skills. The qualtiy is very high but the prices are low. They are making great guitars - some models are handmade. 

Sonnemo Guitars - Handmade in Sweden
Sonnemo Guitars from north of Sweden are making handmade guitars. This small Custom Shop makes great guitars  and you will be surpriced over the quality. They even make "Relic Guitars" that looks like and feels like old guitars - played thousands of hours.

Lundgren Pickups - hand vired in Sweden
Johan Lundgren has got a lot of respect for his guitar pickups all over the world. With his pickups you get the most out of your guitar. Hand made in Sweden!

Refund waranty

If you are not satisfied with the quality of our products you are able to send it back and get your money. Read more

quality guarantee

Wtest every guitar before it sends to you and it is 12 month limited waranty on every product. .

our freight costs

We are able to send to the whole world.  For guitars the freight is:
Nordic countries 150 SEK
Europe                300 SEK
Other countries   655 SEK  (one guitar).  

Climate compensation

We compensate for the impact we have on the climate

For your help - we have a special product labeling - if you want to reduce the impact on the rainforest

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